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New generation intelligence

Sastre assists professional services, legal, and corporate clients with information on business risks and opportunities. We provide investigative services, and assist in the resolution of disputes.

Equipped with best-in-class OSINT

Sastre’s industry-leading OSINT services benefit from our local embeddedness and use of the latest technology. A decentralised operating model makes hard-to-access local open sources available to us. Proprietary AI and automation tools, as well as the latest innovative search methods and a creative approach to fact-finding ensure each piece of the puzzle surfaces and slides into place.

Working through networks

Sastre’s HUMINT capabilities rely on continuous, extensive source development and maintenancework. We cultivate relationships with the leaders of tomorrow as well as today and benefit from broad access to local markets allowing us to understand context – and achieve success in targeted, narrowly-focused intelligence assignments.

Present on the ground

Our in-house team is present in 10 countries, across 4 continents; our 100+ house-trained analysts and investigators cover almost the entire globe. This global reach gives us access to a wealth of local sources, enables a strong connection with our network and ensures client success through timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence.

Born digital

Sastre’s suite of proprietary investigative software help our investigators process and trace patterns in large and disparate pools of data, delivering otherwise lost insight in due diligence, litigation support, and asset tracing assignments. Use of automation tools for certain kinds of investigative research allows Sastre to deliver quality intelligence efficiently.

More efficient

Sastre achieves efficiency through operating in a lean, flexible, and decentralised manner and through the integration of AI and automation tools into every aspect of our work. This means we can offer premium investigative services at affordable rates.