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Sastre conducts comprehensive integrity due diligence investigations on third parties and their key principals in order to help identify undisclosed liabilities, litigation matters, conflicts of interest, political exposure, or other integrity concerns.

Global Coverage

With 35 languages spoken by our staff and house- trained analysts, we offer locally-embedded investigative research in over 150 countries. Being present on 4 continents, we handle client queries almost every hour of the day.

Best-In-Class OSINT

Our industry-leading OSINT capability, relying on proprietary AI and automation tools as well as the latest innovative search methods, ensures investigative thoroughness. The combination of our global presence and local embeddedness makes ordinarily hard-to-access local open sources available to us.

In-Country Networks

We maintain extensive local networks in focus markets, enhancing investigative results and ensuring client success through timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence.

Investigative Rigour

Our rigorous approach to analyst training and proprietary investigative software ensure that no deeply covered but crucial bits of intelligence go unnoticed and patterns are found in disparate pools of data.


A lean and flexible organisational model and the integration of AI and automation into each of our processes allow us to work at a competitive cost while delivering uncompromising results.


Uncovering subjects’ source of wealth

Revealing ultimate beneficial ownership of companies, including in complex offshore structures

Providing analysis of litigation across jurisdictions

Identifying direct or indirect political exposure

Understanding the reputation of subjects among employees, competitors, business partners, etc.

Revealing potential integrity of conduct issues

Providing insight into financial crime concerns, such as tax evasion, sanctions breaches, bribery, corruption, money laundering or terrorism financing

Unearthing concerns related to human rights or environmental crime